This documentation is for a development version. Click here for the latest stable release (v0.11.1).


Development of all Nengo projects happens on Github. For projects in the Nengo organization, we follow these policies.

  1. We require that all contributors sign the Nengo Contributor Assignment Agreement.

  2. We follow the semantic versioning specification.

Projects that have not yet been released are considered experimental, and the contributors to those projects are free to follow whatever practices they prefer prior to the initial public release.

Once a project has had an initial public release, it is considered under active development, and follows these additional policies.

  1. We require that all changes, even those made by the project maintainer, be proposed as a pull request.

  2. We require that all pull requests be well tested.

  3. We require that each commit passes all unit tests, including style checks.

  4. We require that every pull request be reviewed by at least one reviewer.

  5. We require that non-trivial pull requests include a changelog entry.

  6. We require that pull requests are merged by someone other than the person making the pull request.