Increasing snip_max_spikes_per_step

Symptom: You see the following warning:

Too many spikes (140) sent in one timestep. Increase the value
of `snip_max_spikes_per_step` (currently set to 50).

Cause: We send spikes to the Loihi chip through a channel that has a fixed size. Models that spike more than we expect need to have that fixed size changed.

Solution: You can increase the snip_max_spikes_per_step value after creating a nengo_loihi.Simulator object. Assuming your instance is called sim, do:

sim.sims["loihi"].snip_max_spikes_per_step = 200

Do this within the with block that we normally use when constructing Simulator objects.


You must set snip_max_spikes_per_step before calling