This documentation is for a development version. Click here for the latest stable release (v0.2.2).

NengoDE1 license

Copyright (c) 2018-2023 Applied Brain Research

ABR License

NengoDE1 is made available under a proprietary license, the “ABR TECHNOLOGY LICENSE AND USE AGREEMENT” (the “ABR License”). The main ABR License file is available for download at The entire contents of this LICENSE.rst file, including any terms and conditions herein, form part of the ABR License.

Commercial Use Licenses are available to purchase for a yearly fee. Academic and Personal Use Licenses for NengoDE1 are available at a reduced cost. Both types of licences can be obtained from the ABR store at

If you have any sales questions, please contact If you have any technical support questions, please post them on the ABR community forums at or contact

Licensed Code

NengoDE1 imports or vendorizes several open source libraries.