Example models

Tutorials accessible in NengoGUI

The basics of how to build models and visualize them with NengoGUI are described in tutorials built into the NengoGUI. Access them through the built-in examples folder in the file view at the top-left.

NengoGUI interface

  • basics shows the basic features of NengoGUI in no particular order. Start here if you want a brief overview.
  • hbb_tutorials is a set of tutorials from the book How to Build a Brain, updated to work with current versions of Nengo.
  • recurrent shows some dynamic neural networks like attractor networks that are straightforward to implement in Nengo.
  • tutorial is a set of 25 guided examples going from a network of one neuron to networks of hundreds of thousands of neurons implementing cognitive models.

Deep learning

Neuromorphic hardware

Online learning

Neural Engineering Framework

Cognitive modelling with SPA