This documentation is for a development version. Click here for the latest stable release (v1.1.0).



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Adding a new user

  1. Log in as a user who can use sudo.

  2. Change to the super user.

    sudo -s
  3. Add the user.

    adduser <username>
  4. (Optional): Enable the user to use sudo.

    usermod -aG sudo <username>
  5. Add the user to the loihi_sudo group.

    This is necessary for allowing the user to run models on Loihi boards.

    usermod -aG loihi_sudo <username>
  6. Propagate the new user information to connected Loihi boards.

    make -C /var/yp

You can then run exit to exit the superuser session.

Note that the final step copies user information to the Loihi boards. You therefore do not have to make a new user account on the hosts or boards that are connected to the superhost.

To be sure that the user information has been copied correctly, once finishing the above steps, you should test by logging into all connected hosts and boards.

For example, on the superhost try

ssh <username>@host-1
ssh <username>@board-1

Connecting to a host

The host and superhost communicate through a hardwired Ethernet connection. The superhost therefore must have at least two networks interfaces, one for an external internet connection and one to connect to the FPGA host.

The host only has one network interface, which is connected to the superhost. In order to access the internet, the superhost must share its external connection with the host.

To do this, assuming that you are running Ubuntu:

  1. Open “Network Connections”.

  2. Identify the Ethernet connection being used to connect to the Loihi system. Clicking the network icon in the task bar will inform you which network interfaces are available.

  3. Select “Wired connection <x>” and click “Edit”.

  4. Navigate to “IPv4 Settings” and change “Method” to “Shared to other computers”.

  5. Click “Save”.

  6. Check that the network interface has been assigned the correct IP.

    When the Ethernet cable between the host and superhost is connected, do:

    sudo ifconfig -a

    to display the information for each network interface. The network interface being used to connect to the Loihi system should be assigned the IP