Contributing to Nengo SPA

Issues and pull requests are always welcome! We appreciate help from the community to make Nengo SPA better.

Filing issues

If you find a bug in Nengo SPA, or think that a certain feature is missing, please consider filing an issue. Please search the currently open issues first to see if your bug or feature request already exists. If so, feel free to add a comment to the issue so that we know that multiple people are affected.

Making pull requests

If you want to fix a bug or add a feature to Nengo SPA, we welcome pull requests. We try to maintain 100% test coverage, so any new features should also include unit tests to cover that change. If you fix a bug it’s also a good idea to add a unit test, so the bug doesn’t get un-fixed in the future!

Building the documentation

To build the documentation install the required dependencies by running the following command from the root folder of the Nengo SPA source code:

python -e .[docs]

To build the documentation use one of the following commands:

python build_sphinx

or if you need set explicitly set the Jupyter kernel for building the notebooks included in the documentation:

sphinx-build docs docs/_build -D nbsphinx_kernel_name=<kernelname>

You will find the build documentation in the docs/_build folder.

Contributor agreement

We require that all contributions be covered under our contributor assignment agreement. Please see the agreement for instructions on how to sign.