This documentation is for a development version. Click here for the latest stable release (v0.2.2).

Project Information

Release History

0.2.3 (Unreleased)


  • Added PC-running instruction clarification in getting started guide. (#69)

  • Added information about PYNQ-Z2 support to documentation. (#71)


  • Changed remote-script to pip install nengo-bones from git. (#67)


  • Update Numpy license URL. (#64)

  • Fixed slack notification link. (#66)

0.2.2 (May 7, 2020)


  • Setup Nengo Bones and remote CI. (#41)

  • Added notebook examples featuring oscillators. (#46)

  • Added spiking to oscillator notebook examples. (#49)

  • Add test suite. (#55)

  • Added More detail to remote termination signals. (#61)


  • Compatibility changes for Nengo 3.0.0. (#44)

  • Minor changes to oscillator notebooks. (#47)

  • Minor changes to getting-started documentation. (#50)

  • Improved socket communication for better performance. (#52)

  • Throw an error with invalid config in ID script. (#53)

  • Update deprecated SafeConfigParser. (#57)

  • Remove unused seed from network builder. (#58)

  • Make all variable names lowercase. (#59)

  • Switch to remote doc script that tracks nengo-bones. (#60)

  • Switch to abrgl for CI scripts. (#62)


  • Fixed code to remove all linter errors. (#45)

  • Start using intersphinx, rename docs using ‘-‘. (#48)

  • Add TRAVIS_JOB_NUMBER to exported variables in (#63)

0.2.1 (September 17, 2019)


  • Add on-chip feedback connection. (#35)

  • Requirement for numpy<1.17. (#39)

0.2.0 (August 27, 2019)


  • Added script to read device DNA from FPGA board. (#11)

  • Add PR template, contributors, and update license. (#12)

  • Rework documentation. (#18, #20)

  • Quickstart guide. (#21)

  • Notebook examples and example descriptions. (#23)

  • Add firewall tip to docs. (#24)

  • Add license to docs. (#25)

  • Add purchase link to docs. (#29)

  • Add example setting encoders/decoders. (#30)

  • Add model size bounds to docs. (#31)


  • Rename “DNA” to “ID” everywhere. (#20)

  • Docs audit for consistency. (#22)

  • Receiving a UDP packet with a negative timestep will now cause the Nengo simulation to terminate with an exception. (#26)

  • Now throwing an exception on unsupported neuron type. (#26)

  • Rework usage page in docs. (#27)

  • Update the docs theme. (#32)


  • Fixed behaviour of code when provided FPGA name string is not found in the fpga_config file. (#33)

  • Fixed simulation hanging error when two simulations are run one after the other. (#34)

0.1.0 (December 19, 2018)

Initial release of NengoFPGA!

Contributing to NengoFPGA

Issues and pull requests are always welcome! We appreciate help from the community to make NengoFPGA better.

Filing issues

If you find a bug in NengoFPGA, or think that a certain feature is missing, please consider filing an issue! Please search the currently open issues first to see if your bug or feature request already exists. If so, feel free to add a comment to the issue so that we know that multiple people are affected.

Making pull requests

If you want to fix a bug or add a feature to NengoFPGA, we welcome pull requests. Ensure that you fill out all sections of the pull request template, deleting the comments as you go.

Contributor agreement

We require that all contributions be covered under our contributor assignment agreement. Please see the agreement for instructions on how to sign.

More details

For more details on how to contribute to Nengo, please see the developer guide.

NengoFPGA license

Copyright (c) 2018-2022 Applied Brain Research

ABR License

NengoFPGA is made available under a proprietary license, the “ABR TECHNOLOGY LICENSE AND USE AGREEMENT” (the “ABR License”). The main ABR License file is available for download at The entire contents of this LICENSE.rst file, including any terms and conditions herein, form part of the ABR License.

Commercial Use Licenses are available to purchase for a yearly fee. Academic and Personal Use Licenses for NengoFPGA are available at a reduced cost. Both types of licences can be obtained from the ABR store at

If you have any sales questions, please contact If you have any technical support questions, please post them on the ABR community forums at or contact

This license pertains only to the NengoFPGA interface software. License information for the supported hardware implementations can be found at their respective license pages:

Licensed Code

NengoFPGA imports or vendorizes several open source libraries.