These examples can be found in the <nengo-dl>/docs/examples directory (where <nengo-dl> is the location of the NengoDL package). The examples are IPython/Jupyter notebooks; if you would like to run them yourself, refer to the Jupyter documentation.

Alternatively, you can use Google Colab to run the examples online. Note that when running on Colab you will need to add the line !pip install nengo-dl[docs] at the top of each notebook, in order to install the necessary requirements.

We recommend starting with the two introductory tutorials. One is designed for Nengo users who want to learn about NengoDL, and the other for TensorFlow users. If you are not familiar with Nengo or TensorFlow, we would recommend beginning with the standard Nengo documentation, and then come back here!

These examples illustrate some different possible use cases for NengoDL: